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Szabó Ákos

I’m Ákos Szabó a 38 years old, Hungarian, senior freelancer on planning, designing and developing user interfaces and websites.  If you want to work with me or just have a few questions, please, feel free to contact me »

As an UX Designer

What is the difference between a Web designer and a User Experience (UX) Designer? Very briefly the UX design is the art and science of creating sites or applications that works and not just “nice”. The proper typography, harmonized colors, fancy icons are just the tip of the iceberg.  Designing an interface, a web application or a corporate website that meet the real goals, and make it successful is my work that I passionate about.

For me it’s about 80% engineering work based on a proven workflow and the rules of my profession and 20% creativity. I put a special emphasis on Usability, but always keep an eye on the marketing or business goals as well. I have experience and happy to work on identity design and DTP as well, however now I specialized on screens on the first place. :)

As a Frontend Developer and Site Builder

Obviously I love to see my designed plans working. During the development I can ensure that my idea will be manifested appropriately, besides, during the coding I am able to add fine details for the interaction. Long-long time ago I started my carrier  as a developer so it hasn’t been too far from me to get proper experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery and Smarty. I put an emphasis on nice, well structured, recyclable, readable code. Besides I myself have built nearly 50 websites based on Joomla CMS.

Project management

Having closed a successful project the Clients often put their trust on me to lead the development project itself. I’ve got a network of great developers and we even created a company called Organik Online Media with my business partner to meet the needs of the Clients. In my carrier I often had to use my management skills as an IT director or a full-time project manager. I usually work in a tight and consistent style.


I’m the rare type of IT pro who would rather like working with humans than computers. :) In the last 20 years I have been constantly connected with education. For a few years as a full time teacher and for a few years as a part-time trainer. Nowadays I occasionally lecture on the local university about topics that are close to my specialties.

Why Organik? - Ars poetica of a kind

To be frank, computer and mobile interfaces the most artificial creations that ever exist in human history. In spite of these I believe it can be constructed in a way that makes it more natural and closer to the human being. I often find inspiration in the living nature, moreover a lot of designs and new ideas are born in my mind during an outdoor activity in the wild.

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