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"Organik have impressed us from the outset with their up-front, honest approach to business. They have very strong communication skills in English and took the time to really understand our exact requirements, working with us to refine and document these - which has made the development process a dream. They do exactly what they say they will do, on time - and even better, they do it extremely well! Great design skills marry with strong development capabilities to always deliver a solution which both looks great and works perfectly.

So much better than anyone else we have ever used - we can't recommend Organik highly enough!"

Aaron Elias - project leader from Funrated Ltd. - aaron@funrated.com
" Ooxion is a B2B company which focus is on online selling Products with aid of an online Auction. The niche market is focused on selling stock at the end of the Product Life Cycle Stage so Money can be generated to use in new projects, or selling Stock of firms who stop activities, or just products from bankrupt companies. The Design of this Auction site needed to be very professional and according to the Profile to get the intended Image by our Customers. We found Organik, liked their styles of Design, and in the process they appeared to very straightforward and effective. They always meet deadlines and provide great Design. Later we decided to use their resources to create the frontend coding of the key pages, as well. We are absolutely satisfied and look forward to work together in future projects! "

Bert Onstenk - Products for Fun Ltd. - bert@ooxion.com
" We asked the experts of the Organik Online Media Ltd. to create a basic concept and a plan for the Deutsche Telekom Sales Support Team’s web based application. It was not an easy task but the boys could instantly splash into our complex structure and saw it through within days. The result of their work had met all the professional standards. Beside the very high quality work, the mood of the consultations was great.

We are very satisfied and hope we can find an opportunity to work together again in the future. "

Csaba Sréter - IT director - DT Sales Support - Csaba.Sreter@telekom.de
" As a designer and website builder I looked for a Joomla component that enables online ordering for food deliveries. I was glad to find a solution that was exactly dedicated to this purpose. The design is clean, the functions and the working of the basket and the menu is innovative and, surprisingly, very easy to use. The support was very helpful when I stumbled upon some problem during the set up.

To sum it up, it is one of the most appealing and most likeable Joomla component I’ve ever met. "

Bram Bollen – designer, web expert – Belgium – info@studioplanb.be
" When we founded our real estate agency in 2011, we tested several real estate softwares but at last we’ve chosen the solution of Organik Online Media Ltd. We are very satisfied with the system, so far. It’s clear and easy to use even for those colleges who have only a basic knowledge on IT. We haven’t had any severe problem with the system. The communication with the developers is a model, they are ready to solve any problem even in the weekends.

I can honestly offer this system to any real Estate Agency."

Csaba Vincze - general manager - Vincredit Hungary Ltd. - vincze.csaba@vincredit.hu
" We’ve been working together with Organik team for many years and we are absolutely satisfied. During this time we concluded several design and development projects successfully. Not even their professional works are perfect, but we get on very well and understand each other thoughts. We’ve got a lot of good ideas from these boys.

Our Chameleon webshop works very well and its constant development are supported stably by the Organik Team. "

Lajos Giczi - general manager - Grosco Ltd. - info@grosco.hu -
" Our company is the oldest, most patinated real estate agency in the region. We’ve been using gyorilakasok.hu for years with great satisfaction. Because of its constant development it always contains state-of-the-art tools and solutions, like “ad watch”. All of our colleges and clients agree that, along with its feature rich user interface it’s very easy to use and clear-cut. This system is the most reliable and most popular real estate website where both the real estate agencies and real estate builders can offer their portfolio.

I can only write good things, it’s really a great system! "

József Kovács - general manager - Inköz Ltd. - kovacsj@inkoz.hu
" Hungest Hotel Nagyerdő have been being satisfied clients of Kornyeke.hu for several years. We regard the creation of this web portal as a good idea because it provides a simple way to the would-be customers to search for services based on it’s location and it’s region. The website and its admin panel is clear and very easy to use for the visitors and for the service providers as well. We can only estimate the high traffic of the site based on the numbers of offer requests and the realized bookings.

To sum it up, we are completely satisfied with this web portal and its services. "

László Darvasi – hotel director - Hunguest Hotel Nagyerdő - darvasil@hnhotels.hu
" After long seeking we chose Organik as a creator of our first webpage and as the designer for our advertisements. They’ve justified our decision on several occasions with creating high-quality artistic designs, great experience on development and video editing and good relations with press companies. During our common projects on almost every creative fields and the evolved nearly friendship relation, inspired us to run new businesses. We use their feature rich, high value/price ratio Chameleon as an online web store to fulfill our business goals. "

Péter Török general manager - BlueDentArt Ltd. - Hungary - bluedentkft@gmail.com
" We had already known other works of Organik Online Media when we met their real estate ads site. We were very satisfied with this site as well. Among other advantages over other Hungarian real estate portals, I have to emphasize the easy usability and simple but still effective presentation of the estates.

It’s obvious they are not just very good at their own professions but have an in-depth insight into the field of real estate agencies, as well. "

Horváth Csaba - general manager - Ingatlansztár Kft. - horvathcs@gmail.com

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